I am a proud independent consultant with Beautycounter, a company with the mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

What drew to me to Beautycounter a few years ago was admittedly their fabulous Dew Skin tinted moisturizer, but after learning about the lack of safety regulation in the industry I decided to add my voice to the movement. The medical and scientific community is increasingly regonizing that environmental exposures have direct effects on our health. A few examples are Teflon pans and asbestos insulation. Personal care products are only one of the ways that people are exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals, but it’s one that is easily in our control to reduce.

The current legislation does not require pre-market testing of ingredients in personal care products, and the FDA does not have the authority to recall personal care products if a problem is found. There are a number of known endocrine disruptors still allowed in our daily products, and thousands more ingredients that have simply never been tested for their effects on human health. We need more science, and we need to take a more preventive approach to our nation’s health. I support Beautycounter’s research partnership with Tufts University as well as their advocacy work to create more health protective laws. Read about the current bill in Congress, The Personal Care Products and Safety Act, here.

While I personally enjoy skincare and makeup as forms of ritual, self care, and confidence enhancement, I have no interest in telling others how they should look or what products they “need.” I am happy to share what I love and recommend products to people with various desires, but please know my intention is never to contribute to dissatisfaction with personal appearance. However, since I know a large majority of people will be buying personal care products, I choose to educate about safer alternatives and ways to use our purchasing power to make a difference.

If you’d like to shop through my link, you can do so here.  I will receive a commission. If you’re more comfortable shopping without me as a consultant, you may shop directly through the Beautycounter website. You can also use the Environmental Working Group app to search for other brands and products that get good safety ratings.

If you’d like to join Beautycounter as a consultant, I’d be happy to have you join my team. Feel free to reach out to me or click this link to get started. 

For ethical reasons, I keep my Beautycounter business entirely separate from my medical practice.