Welcome back to the Integrative Medicine Reading List, Edition Four!

This is where I share the most interesting holistic health and integrative medicine articles and studies I’ve read recently. Those are broad topics, so you’ll find a wide variety of things to read here. It’s all stuff I’ve read and found interesting, so I hope you like it too. This fourth edition is coming a bit late since I’ve been overwhelmed by Match and residency plans. I actually already have enough articles collected for a fifth edition too! Today’s includes articles about brain changes in Anorexia Nervosa, Saffron for ADHD, antibiotics and mental health, and everyone’s favorite topic: vaccines and autism. I hope you find something you find interesting!

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Disclaimer: Sharing these articles on my site does not constitute a personal or professional endorsement. It’s important to hear many view points and gather lots of data so we can come to our own conclusions about issues. And as always, nothing on my website is to be taken as medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making any changes.

One More Time, With Big Data: Measles Vaccine Doesn’t Cause Autism

“It has been nearly a decade since the small study which set off alarms about a possible link between the vaccine and autism has been refuted and retracted. Yet resources are being continually poured into studies such as this latest one, to underscore the inaccuracy of that original misfire.”

How To Get Started On The Mediterranean Diet (AKA The Healthiest Diet For Your Heart) 

A great infographic breaking it all down!

Eli Lilly Will Sell Half-Priced Version Of Humalog, It’s Popular Insulin

This is both exciting and infuriating. “Lilly will continue selling Humalog at its regular price to the insurers and employers who want to keep pocketing the large discounts, or rebates, they receive for purchasing brand-name drugs, while also making available a cheaper version to patients who pay for their insulin out of pocket.”

Alterations of Brain Structure and Function in Anorexia Nervosa

“In MRI scans the most common finding is gray and white matter reduction correlating with the extent of malnourishment and mostly reversible with recovery… the most common findings are increased activation of the amygdala and altered activation of the cingulate cortex.”

10 Ways To Lead a Cleaner, Greener Life

“The point is: none of us are perfect, but that shouldn’t discourage us from doing the things we can. And thanks to the ingenuity of amazing entrepreneurs, start-ups, and fascinating innovations, there are now so many cool and cute options for us to really show our planet the love.”

How Childhood Infections Requiring Antibiotics May Increase Risks of Mental Illness

“It has been suggested that the gut microbiome, the hugely diverse bacterial community that we host in our intestines, sends out signals to the brain, modulating our moods and, possibly, our susceptibility to mental illness.”

Increasing Prevalence of Mood Disorders Among Teenagers and Young Adults

“Factors implicated in increased rates of psychological distress include compromised sleep quality, increased academic pressures, social isolation, among other environmental characteristics that often to relate, in some capacity, to heavy tech use and screen time.”

Saffron Shows Promise as ADHD Treatment

“The fact that saffron improved ADHD symptoms as much as a stimulant was truly impressive! The fact that these improvements in ADHD symptoms were observed both by parents and teachers was especially encouraging.”

Statins May Increase Risk of Diabetes

The link between statin use and the development of Type 2 diabetes may be even stronger than previously believed, a new study suggests.