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I read a lot of interesting studies and articles each week, and I’ve always loved to share them with you. i thought I’d tailor my Good Reads posts a bit more to my interests and keep them related to holistic health and integrative medicine. Those are broad topics, though, so you’ll find a wide variety of things to read here. It’s all things that friends have sent me, I’ve come across in my own studying, or have found on social media. From research to news articles to opinion pieces, I hope you find something you like.

Integrative Medicine Reading List

Disclaimer: Sharing these articles on my site does not constitute a personal or professional endorsement I think it’s important to hear many view points and gather lots of data so we can come to our own conclusions about issues. And as always, nothing on my website is to be taken as medical advice. Talk to your doctor before making any changes.


Coalition of giant brands is about to change how we shop forever, with a new zero-waste platform

“The fact that these are major brands like Tide and Gillette–and not niche brands targeting green consumers–is significant. The largest brands are acknowledging that packaging needs to change.”

Vicious Cycle Emerges with Opioid and Suicide Epidemics

“The combined number of deaths among Americans from suicide and unintentional overdose increased from 41,364 in 2000 to 110,749 in 2017 and has exceeded the number of deaths from diabetes since 2010,’’ wrote the authors of a January article in the New England Journal of Medicine, citing statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Guts, Wits, Microbiome and the Vagus Nerve

“Costa-Mattioli believes that these new findings strengthen the rather unconventional idea that it might be possible to treat specific neurological symptoms through the gut microbiome using specific bacterial strains.”

Let Children Get Bored Again

“You are bored. And I’m going to let you in on a little secret about life. You think it’s boring now? Well, it only gets more boring. The sooner you learn it’s on you to make life interesting, the better off you’ll be.”

Should Physicians Recommend Replacing Opioids with Cannabis?

“Without convincing evidence of efficacy of cannabis for this indication, it would be irresponsible for medicine to exacerbate this problem by encouraging patients with opioid addiction to stop taking these medications and to rely instead on unproven cannabis treatment.”

Fruit juices, for kids and adults, may include lead and other metals, study finds

“Consumer Reports tested 45 drinks and found 21 contained enough of a single heavy metal or a combination of the metals to concern experts who worked with Consumer Reports on the study. Drinking just 4 ounces a day can cause concern, said Consumer Reports chief science officer James Dickerson.”

“This 10,000 steps number came from out of nowhere. I guess they roughly knew how much on average people usually do really—which is around 6,000 steps a day—and they just set an arbitrary target of 10,000, something they knew that would improve activity because it was higher than what people were currently doing.” 

“Preliminary results are promising for the short and long-term use of oral collagen supplements for wound healing and skin aging. Oral collagen supplements also increase skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density.”

Bacteria Found in Ancient Irish Soil Halts Growth of Superbugs—New Hope for Tackling Antibiotic Resistance

“Our results show that folklore and traditional medicines are worth investigating in the search for new antibiotics. Scientists, historians and archaeologists can all have something to contribute to this task. It seems that part of the answer to this very modern problem might lie in the wisdom of the past.”